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Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.

Passionate about the lights and shadows that draw a woman’s lips, we have come to dress them in the silkiest, most luxurious liquid lipstick you’ve ever tried. Does it sound like we’re boasting? We are. And with good reason, too. Say hi to our Silky Matte Long Wear Liquid Lipstick....

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A surge of moisture

Lick your lips because you want to and not because you have to. It’s the little freedoms like that that are guaranteed to make you smile. Next time you swipe on our ink, think about this: it draws moisture from the air so your pout will feel plump and pampered...

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Compassionate and caring

Ink of Elation does not support or permit animal testing on any of its products, and only works with suppliers who feel the same way. Bunnies are for cuddling. To us, this isn’t a marketing gimmick. Meeting strict consumer health and safety regulations can be done without making animals suffer,...

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