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InkLover Shipping

Know everything about our shipping policy We feel you. Who enjoys having shipping costs added to their order? We know we don’t. So we have added another option just for you, InkLover Shipping. This option is for the true lipstick junkie for sure, so if you’re thinking of grabbing more...

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Growing our liquid lipstick boutique

Your go to lippies will come in new shades We’d like to thank each and every one of you for showing us so much love, be it on Instagram, on Facebook, subscribing to our newsletter or placing orders. We never would have thought things would move so quickly, but here...

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Tips on applying our liquid lipstick

Tips and tricks on applying our Silky Matte Every liquid lipstick is different. Some are on the dry side, some are on the super comfortable side, ours is smack in the middle. What this means is you’re getting all of the staying power of a drier lippie combined with the...

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Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.

Passionate about the lights and shadows that draw a woman’s lips, we have come to dress them in the silkiest, most luxurious liquid lipstick you’ve ever tried. Does it sound like we’re boasting? We are. And with good reason, too. Say hi to our Silky Matte Long Wear Liquid Lipstick....

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